Oct 2023
Tuscany holidays
We had a fabulous, summer-like time by the seaside in Tuscany.
The Salukis enjoyed running on the empty beaches and even our old Ayad had a blast
playing with his daughters.
August 2023
Summer @ al NoushaFarin Salukis
August 2023
Faris & Chabi
Faris & Chabi had a fabulous photoshooting!
more pictures to be found on their individual sites
pictures by I.Pogorelcnik
May 2023
Grafenegg sighthoundshow 2023
sire Ayad & his daughter Rozah made us very proud!

Ayad is still going strong just a few months shy of his 12th birthday
dear Rozah had a perfect show-debut winning her strong class!
Ayad V1 VetCACA VetBOB
Rozah V1 CACA
Thanks to the breedjudge Agneta Doverholt/S
Nov 2022
hiking holidays fall 2022
for more pics click here 
October 2022
Tuscany October 2022
... it's finally again beachtime for the salukigang
for more pics click here 
Aug 2022
happy birthday dear F's
happy 1st birthday to all F siblings!
April 2022
Tuscany April 2022
Tuscany in spring - what an experience!
for more pics click here 
Dec 2021
Frohe Weihnachten ~ Merry Christmas
to all friends
Oct 2021
F Litter
our F puppies are 9 weeks old
We are happy and thankful that all puppies have found loving homes.
Most of them are staying in our extended al NF-family.
22 Aug 2021
our F puppies have arrived
 our 7 precious F babies were born on on 21.08.2021
4 males + 3 females
we're exhausted and so proud of Dali
the 4 boys
the 3 girls
further details will be announced on the litters page
15 Aug 2021
F Litter summer 2021
final spurt - the last week of Dali's pregnancy has begun
the future parents Ayad & Dali are enjoying the silence before the storm
yesterday's xray showed quite a bunch of puppies
June 2021
F Litter summer 2021
After 5 years without any puppies we are happy to announce
our F litter in August.
Nach 5 Jahren Welpenpause freuen wir uns
auf unseren F Wurf im August.
Daliyah + Ayad
Nov 2020
run free brave, little Ya'Ya
14.10.2008 - 05.11.2020
Finally the cancer won, but you fought till the end.
Thank you for our 12 years together!
We will meet again.
Oct 2020
Tuscany 2020
for more pics click here 
August 2020
our last goodbye was never said...
Shiiva died in my arms after a terrible accident in the forest 
I will be trying to remember her briming over with life and running full of joy
We miss her terribly
see you again some day
25.02.2011 - 05.08.2020
12 April 2020
Happy Easter to all friends!
17 Dec 2019
happy birthday sisters
happy 2nd birthday to our Hester & Hannah!
20 Oct 2019
holidays 2019
for more pics click here 
09 Oct 2019
August 2019
we were blessed with a beautiful and warm summer 2019
19 May 2019
Grafenegg Winner Show/ A
We had a great time with friends and enjoyed the breathtaking showground at castle
Furthermore we achieved some nice show results under
breed judge Nicklas Eriksson (Qirmizi Salukis) from Sweden.
BOB Gloria al Zahra / BOS Viscount Velourias Verve
Hester won the intermediate class and gained her first CACA
Lara, Elly, Elion were placed 2nd in their class
Aahoo won again Vet BIS 1
12 May 2019
FCI Eurosighthoundshow Planica/ Sl
We are thrilled to announce our show results
I showed 4 of our salukis and returned back home with 2 Eurosighthound Winners
Hester won the youthclass, is herewith FCI Euro Junior Sighthound 2019. She even
won the Youth Bob later
Aahoo won the veteran class as well and gained the VetBOB over the male.
Our brandnew FCI Euro Veteran Sighthound 2019 even won the Veteran BIS I
Viscount was exc4 in a strong champion class & Lara ended up exc2 in a stunning
champion class
Thanks to our skilled breed judge Agneta Doverholt (Dahaqin Salukis) from Sweden
09/10 Mar 2019
IHA Graz/A
Hester won the youthclass with v1 JB on both days and went Youth BOB under Mrs Bystrup/Dk.
Shown just 3 times in youth class she finished her Austrian Youth Champion with style.
22 Dec 2018
Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr
Unseren Freunden, Welpenbesitzern und ihren Lieben
frohe Weihnachten und ein gesundes neues Jahr von uns allen!
16 Oct 2018
Tuscany holidays 2018
we enjoyed la dolce vita in Tuscany, for more pics click here 
30 Sep 2018
Bundessieger Tulln 2018
so proud of our showteam in Tulln
we achieved great showresults under  skilled breed judge S. Juutilainen from Finland
Ayad V2 resCACA resCACIB
Lara V2 resCACA
Dali V1 CACA CACIB BH BOB Bundessiegerin 2018
Hester V1 JB Jugendbundessiegerin 2018
04 Aug 2018
Donaueschingen 2018
we enjoyed our stay in Donaueschingen 2018
Ayad exc unpl.
Lara exc unpl.
Dali exc unpl.
Elion exc unpl. on day 1 and exc3 on Sunday
Vi exc 3 under Mrs Edwards/ USA, exc unpl. on day 2
Aahoo exc 2 on day 1 and exc 4 on the second day
Hester won puppy class both days and puppy BOB on day 2
04 July 2018
happy birthday to our precious A Litter
Time is flying, our A Litter turns already 9 years!
happy birthday to all & greetings to Shera in the South of France
Anasha in the UK
Ashira in Norway
Aarezoo in France
Amar in Sweden
Amin in the USA
Aven, Aasulii & Aahron in Austria
Aahoo, 9 years old
19 June 2018
inoff Show Vännäs/S
What an honour to have been invited to judge the inofficial salukishow in Vännäs in the
North of Sweden with the big entry of 49 Salukis on Friday 15th!
I really enjoyed my weekend there meeting up with old friends, making new ones and
watching the other shows on Saturday and Sunday
my winners
BOB Abu al Khayar Kyle and BOS Badavie Briza
07 May 2018
Grafenegg Winner Show 2018
we had a fabulous time with friends at the Grafenegg Winner Show
Hester debuted in the showring and did so well, Lio finished his AT Youth Champion but
the icing on the cake was Aahoo´s  Vet BIS under judge Roberto Posa/S
me and the pack
Lio, Elly, Enzo and Elvis from our E Litter
Lio - V1 JB
Vi - V2 resCACA
Dali - V4
Lara - V3
Aahoo - V1 VetSieger, VetBOB & Vet BIS I
Hester in the ring of honour
08 April 2018
finally our dream of a parti girl came true...
we proudly present our new princess!
Hester Halaah Danone (imp CZ/ *17.12.2017)
25 Feb 2018
happy birthday dear B litter...
walking down memory lane - happy 7th birthday to all B puppies!
April 2011
16 Feb 2018
hello girls...
we are happy to welcome Chayeh and Elly back at home, they are both spending their
holidays over here.
8 Feb 2018
wintery snowy...
morningwalk with Ayad and the youngsters
for more pics click here 
6 Jan 2018
CACIB Celje/Sl
proud of my show-team
Viscount - exc1, CAC, resCACIB in champion class
Daliyah - exc1, CAC, resCACIB in open class
Dylara - exc1, CAC, CACIB, best female, BOS in champion class
Thanks to Paul Stanton/S for recognizing them
Dec 2017
new year's eve 2017
a happy, healthy new year to all friends
Dec 2017
happy holidays
merry Christmas to all friends
Oct 2017
Tuscany holidays 2017
back home again from a wonderful week in Tuscany
all together
nothing better than to run at the beach
for more pics click here 
Oct 2017
Viscount - exc1 CACA CACIB BR, Bundessieger 2017
judge Mr Corvi/I
We had a nice time in crowded Tulln, some E´s debuted in youth class (and still need lots
training), Dali won the open class
20 Aug 2017
CACIB Innsbruck/A
open class: Daliyah - exc2 resCACA resCACIB
champion class: Viscount - exc1 CACA resCACIB
thanks to judge Mr Brandt/Dk for his nice reports about Daliyah & Viscount
04 July 2017
happy 8th birthday to our A litter
... happy birthday to our special first-borns all over the world!
25 June 2017
Grafenegg Winner Show
we had a great time attending the show with friends and puppies from our last litter!
daddy Ayad & mommy Shiiva with Elzahir, Elvin, Elion & Elea
they had their showdebuts in babyclass and made us so proud!
Vi and Dali won their class with v1 CACA,
Lara was 2nd and Leili 3rd in championclass
26 April 2017
Happy 3rd birthday to our D-litter!
mommy Ya'Ya and her D-daughters Lara & Dali
send greetings to all littersiblings and daddy Aasulii!
Thanks to all owners for all their love and affection!
22 April 2017
ÖKWZR Klubsiegerschau 2017
back home from a nice day with lovely company!

Viscount - V1 CACA - won the open class
Daliyah - finally it´s her turn in the showring, she debuted with an V2 resCACA
Ba'Shiima - V3 
Deleyla - V3
judge Dr. Tesisc/ HU
me & Dali - making me so very proud
Viscount moving
Dali moving
09 March 2017
crufts 2017
we are so happy for Diane & Smithy

Anasha - VHC in veteranclass
Viva from their litter after our Anasha al NoushaFarin & Baghdad Karim
won the CC and BOS at crufts under breed judge Mrs Garrett/ UK (Caryna Salukis)
so very well done - way to go!
Smithy & Velourias Viva Vivienne. a littersister to our Viscount
Viva - 2,5 years old
(pic: Doerte Goeltermann - danke!)
04 March 2017
IHA Graz
We are pleased to announce our results from the IHA Graz under judge Ales Novak/Sl
Viscount - exc1 CACA CACIB BR BOS
Delayla - exc1 CACA CACIB BH BOB
25 Feb 2017
8 weeks old
our E puppies are 8 weeks old
link to today´s pictures in the garden - click here 
19 Feb 2017
Diane visited us & the E litter
thx darling for visiting us, we had such a blast that weekend!
wished we lived closer
all together - selfie time!
16 Feb 2017
ÖKWZR Show Topliste
we are proud to announce...
Although just rarely shown our youngsters both were placed in our national
sighthound club´s all breed - show-list 2016.
Lara - 6th place
Viscount, who even started 2016 still in youth class - 10th
way to go!
05 Jan 2017
erster Schnee 2017 - first snow
for more pics click here 
31 Dec 2016
Willkommen ihr E-Kinder!/ welcome to our E-litter puppies!
am 31.12.2016 sind unsere E Puppies geboren, Mama Shiiva und die Kleinen sind wohlauf!
Wir freuen uns über 5 Buben & 2 Mädels in creme bis weiss und grizzle
on 31st of December our E litter arrived! Mommy Shiiva and the newborns are fine!
we proudly present our 5 boys & 2 girls in cream to white and grizzle!
Dec 2016
Jahresrückblick 2016 - end of the year review 2016
first of all thanks to all al NoushaFarin owners for giving our babies the best lives, thanks
 for all your love & care, thanks for your friendships!
 as usual the toplists are published at the end of the year & we are so proud to find
some from our breeding placed although they were shown just occasionally
Saluki Toplist Austria females
2. Delayla
    4. Dylara     
    Saluki Toplist Austria males
              2. Viscount            
              Delayla                               Dylara                         Viscount
Furthermore both D littersisters finished their AT Champions!
Last but not least we are wishing our friends a happy, prosperous and healthy 2017 and
we are happily looking forward to meeting you all in 2017!
Dec 2016
CACIB Wels / day 1
back home from a busy day at the dogshow in Wels/A
team al NoushaFarin was shown on day 1 under judge Mrs.Gadolin from Sweden
Viscount won the open class with CAC and gained finally resCACIB
Delayla won the open class with CAC, CACIB, best female and BOS
Lara won the championclass with CAC and gained resCACIB behind her littersister
  herewith Delayla fullfills the conditions for her AT CH
congrats to Dani & her family
Nov 2016
wir hoffen auf Welpen - we are hoping for puppies
We are hoping for puppies (E-litter) due end of December
out of our white princess Ba´Shiiva & our swedish import Ayad
                          Shiiva                                                 Ayad 
Shiiva and Ayad both are living with us in our pack of 7 Salukis and 4 cats.
Shiiva is from our 2nd litter and with her we are continuing our direct bitch line going back to our beloved foundation bitch Lia. In december 2011 we imported our swedish prince Ayad from the well known Khalils A litter carrying many famous Salukis in his pedigree we always have adored.
As a matter of course both had their hearts checked healthy. Both, Shiiva and Ayad have a lovely and easy going temperament and represent our ideal of a dual-purpose saluki that convinces both on the lure coursing fields and showrings.
for the pedigree on salukiarchives click here 
serious inquiries welcome
15 Oct 2016
Toskana Urlaub 2016 - holidays in Tuscany
We spent a lovely week in Tuscany at the beach and hiking in the beautiful countryside.
for more pics click here 
01 Oct 2016
IHA Tulln/Middle East European Winner
What a surprise to meet friends from far away at the the international dogshow in Tulln.
we had a great time there, the salukigang had success as well
Viscount V1 CACA CACIB BOS, Middle East European Winner, crufts qualification
Dylara V1 CACA resCACIB - fullfilled her Austrian Champion today
18 Sept 2016
FCI Central European Sighthoundshow Grafenegg/A
we had a great day in the wonderful parc of romantic castle Grafenegg attending the
 show judged by breeder´s judge Mrs Lotta Brun/ES
Team al NoushaFarin was sucessful!
Viscount v1 CACA
Daiyan v3
Dylara v2 resCACA
Deleyla v4
and last but not least Aasulii v1 CACA BR FCI Central Eurpean Winner 2016 BOB and
finally BIS4
thx to the judge Mrs Brun!
Aasulii BIS 4
BOB Aasulii al NoushaFarin                   BOS Asali Aurum Bohemia
15 Aug 2016
Sighthoundfestival Donaueschingen 2016
we arrived safe & sound back at home after having spent a great time with friends in
our youngsters made us so proud!
Viscount won his class on both days and even was awarded with CAC on Sunday
Lara was recognized both days, twice placed exc3 in a good open class
thx to the judges Mr Sanchez-Garcia/ES & Mrs Foss/N
Viscount moving
exc1 VDH CAC under Mrs Foss/N
Lara - exc3 both days
Lara moving
us all celebrating our results after a long day
pic by K. Grishakova - thx!
July 2016
our holiday-guest Chili!
Aahron al NoushaFarin aka Chili spends is holidays over here with us.
He´s such an easy-going, well-behaved male, so very proud of him!
evening walk with the complete pack
July 2016
we are enjyoing summertime
Aahoo                                                 Viscount
Dali, Vi and uncle Aahron
Ayad, Ya'Ya and Shiiva
Ayad, Aahron, Ya'Ya, Shiiva & Dali
July 2016
our holiday-guest Chili!
Aahron al NoushaFarin aka Chili spends is holidays over here with us.
He´s such an easy-going, well-behaved male, so very proud of him!
evening walk with the complete pack
July 2016
Sweetie, welcome to our pack!
thx to his breeder Rüdiger from Apocalyptica Oriental/Siamese Cats for entrusting
us with Sweetie, a chocolate ticked tabby boy - halfbrother to our Sugar
Sweetie - 4 months old
04 July 2016
happy 7th birthday to our very special A litter
thx to all owners for giving them the most perfect lives and all their love,
we are so very proud of you!
love you all!
Lia with her newborn puppies
17 June 2016
Wenn Tränen eine Treppe
und Erinnerungen eine Brücke bauen könnten,
dann stiegen wir hoch in den Himmel
und holten sie sofort wieder zurück
Danke für die gemeinsame Zeit Tante Dune! 
 01.10.2004 - 16.06.2016
farewell du einzigartige, tapfere und liebenswerteste
Tante Dune
11 June 2016

ÖKWZR Klubsiegerausstellung WWRV

back home from our sighthoundclub´s winnershow in Untersiebenbrunn/A
thx to the judge Mrs Märki-Casanova/ Ch for appreciating our pack
BOB Fields of Gold Tall Afar & BOS Dylara al NoushaFarin
Viscount V1 CACA (intermediate class)
Aahron V1 CACA (championclass)
Ayad V2 resCACA (championclass)
Ba`Shiima V2 resCACA (open class)
Dylara V1 CACA BH BOS Klubsiegerin 2016 (open class)


15 May 2016

Dt Salukijahresausstellung/ German Annual Salukishow

we had a great time in Tüttleben
driving there was worthwhile for team al NoushaFarin

as usual the great opening ceremony from Meike and her horses

Ayad - exc in a huge championclass


Vi won the intermediate class

Aahoo ended up exc2 resVDH in a strong championclass

Lara was exc in a big open class


Thx to the judge Mr Duggan (Kyzyl Kum Salukis/USA) for appreciating our dogs


26 April 2016

happy 2nd birthday to our D litter

Happy birthday to all our D puppies
from their parents Ya´Ya, Aasulii and littersisters Dali & Lara!



10 April 2016

Coursing Training Dolsko/Slovenia

we had a great time meeting up with Chabnaam and her family at the coursing training
the youngsters had their debut on the coursing field and enjoyed the runs




05 March 2016

IHA Graz/A

we had a great time with friends at the IHA Graz
Viscount V1 JB

Dylara V2 resCACA + Delayla V3 in intermediate class

open class: Ba´Shiima V2 resCACA + Chaaya V1 CACA CACIB BH BOS


Chaaya finshed her Austrian Championtitle with style ending up as BOS


Vi is now Austrian Youth Champion


25 Feb 2016

happy birthday dear B´s!

we are wishing all our lovely B´s a very happy 5th birthday and many more to come!

Thx to all owners for their love and devotion!


16 Jan 2016

CACIB Ljubljana/Sl - day1

Viscount and Lara attended the CACIB show in Ljubljana
Afterwards we visited Chabnaam & her family, the dogs enjoyed the long walk offleash in the forests closeby!
pics Dora K. - thx!
Viscount, aged 15 months won the intermediate class and even ended up with resCACIB


Dylara al NoushaFarin - exc2 in intermediate class


thx to the judge Mr Dr Göran Bodegĺrd/S, a well known sighthoundspecialist


03 Jan 2016

happy 3rd birthday dear C´s!


happy 3rd birthday to our C-litter!

Thx to all owners for giving them the most perfect homes and love!


December 2015

review 2015

we are so proud of our annual austrian Salukitop-list placements
1. Chaaya al NoushaFarin (pictured above)
2. Delayla al NoushaFarin
3. Dylara al NoushaFarin
4. Ba´Shiiva al NoushaFarin
9. Baris Habib al NoushaFarin
10. Aasulii al NoushaFarin
11. Daiyan al NoushaFarin
12. Khalils Ayad al NoushaFarin
other achievements in 2015...
littersiblings Delayla, Dylara and Daiyan finished their AT Youthchampion
furthermore Aasulii & Baris Habib are now brandnew AT Champions
and last but not least our new English Champion Anasha
Thx so much to all ambitious owners for theirs efforts and friendship!
20 Dec 2015

frohe Weihnachten ~ merry Christmas


ein herzliches Danke an all unsere Welpenbesitzer!
wir wünschen ihnen und ihren Familien
besinnliche Weihnachten
und alles Gute fürs neue Jahr
13 Dec 2015

great news from England


we are so very proud of our UK export Sha-baby, Diane and Smithy!

Anasha won BOB today at the ladies kennel association general championship show in

 Birmingham and can call herself from now on GB Champion!

that makes her the 5th champion in our A-litter!


06 Dec 2015

showresults IHA Wels/day2


back home from showing our pack under sighthoundspecialist Dr Tesics/ HU


we are very pleased with our results:

Viscount exc1 JB

Baris Habib exc1 CACA

Dylara exc1 CACA

Chaaya exc2 resCACA


day I (judge Mr Jakkel/HU)

Delayla exc1 CACA

Chaaya exc2 resCACA


Lara, Viscount & Baris
 with this showresult Baris fullfills the conditions for
his AT Championtitle!
18 Nov 2015

holidays @ al NoushaFarin


we are so happy to have Chayeh as our holiday-guest over here!

She´ll spend the next 2 weeks with us and our pack


Chayeh together with her mother Ya'Ya
25 Oct 2015

holidays @ al NoushaFarin


slovenian Chabnaam spends a few days at her birthplace while her family has holidays


she´s such an easy-going, lovely princess
14 Oct 2015

new familymember


we proudly present our newest family addition


Apocalyptika Sugar Baby Love


(oriental shorthair cat/chocolate classic tabby)


he already gets along well with our Salukis and the other 2 cats in our household


a long - awaited dream fullfilled now!
thx to his breeder for entrusting us this beauty
10 Oct 2015

Tuscany holidays


back home from our great holidays in Tuscany!

daily visits at the beach in Marina di Vecchiano
hiking in the Cinqueterre - high above Riomaggiore/Liguria
on the terrasse of our holiday home
 for more pics click here 
27 Sept 2015


Bundessiegerausstellung Tulln/A


great results for Team al NoushaFarin under breedspecialist Ute Lennartz/G


Viscountexc1 JB, Bundesjugendsieger 29015 in youthclass

Baris Habib, exc1 CACA resCACIB in open class

Dylara, exc1 CACA CACIB BH Bundessiegerin 2015 & BOS in intermediate class

Delayla, exc1 CACA in open class

Shiiva, exc1 CACA resCACIB in championclass


thx to the judge!
1/2 Aug 2015


Donaueschingen Sighthoundshow 2015/G


Back home from Donaueschingen, one of Europe´s biggest sighthoundevents!

We enjoyed our weekend there meeting old and new friends.

So proud of our results under breed specialist Mr Vasconsellos/Py and Mrs Lönn/S

Thx to the judges for appreciating our dogs!


Viscount, who just has turned 9 months old was exc2 on both days in youth 

Ayad exc in a huge championclass on Saturday

Dylara exc3 in youth class on both days

Shiiva exc and in the closer selection in a huge championclass on Saturday

Aahoo exc4 in championclass on sunday


furthermore we met Shirin and Chadim again who are living close by Donaueschingen!
Ba'Shirin & Chadim al NoushaFarin
11 July 2015

IHA Oberwart/A


Daiyan and Delaylaa both won the youth class and finished their AT Youth Champion

Baris Habib won the open class with exc1 CACA

Ba'Shiiva ended up as best female and BOS


thx to the judge Mrs Terzic/HR

BOB Fields of Gold Tall Afar  -  BOS Ba'Shiiva al NoushaFarin
04 July 2015

Already 6 years old!

Time is flying - happy birthday to our very special A-litter!
Thx to all owners for giving them the most perfect homes and love and thx once
 more to Shera/ kennel al Firdous who allowed us to use her Baijan.
He and Lia matched perfectly and produced an outstanding litter!
20 June 2015

ÖKWZR Siegershow in Grafenegg/A


again great results for team al NoushaFarin

under breed-judge Clair Chryssolor from the UK


Viscount v

Daiyan V1 JB ÖKWZR Junior Sieger 2015

Aasulii V1 CACA BR ÖKWZR Sieger 2015, BOS

Dylara V1 JB ÖKWZR Junior Sieger 2015, Junior BIS 3

Delayla V2

Chaaya V1 CACA

Ba' Shiima sg4

Aahoo V2 resCACA


BOB Showhunters Athena & BOS Aasulii al NoushaFarin
 for more pics click here 
06 June 2015

show results


IHA Klagenfurt I+II/ A


we achived some nice results at the IHA Klagenfurt

under judge Salvatore Tripoli from Italy


Delayla V1 JB (crufts qualification)

Chaaya V2 resCACA

Daiyan V1 JB (crufts qualification)

Ba'Shiiva V1 CACA CACIB BH BOB (crufts qualification)

Shiiva - BOB
Team al NoushaFarin achieved also some great results
on day II under judge Mr Lemo/ Croatia
Delayla V1 JB
Chaaya - BOB
Show results from the UK
Royal Cornwall & Three Counties Championship Show
so proud of Anasha & her girls
shown 2 days in a row winning 2 BOB´s + 1 Group1
congratulations to her owner Diane!
18 May 2015

ÖKWZR Klubsiegerausstellung Inzing/A


back home from our sighthound-clubshow in Tyrol


Viscount very promising and puppy BIS I

Dylara V1 JB Klubjugendsiegerin and herewith AT Youthchampion

Ayad V3

Ba'Shiiva V1 CACA BH BOS Klubsiegerin

Shiiva BOS & Moe BOB
Shiiva winning championclass and finally BOS
Vi on his way to puppy BIS I
best puppy in show!
thx to the judges Mr Barjot/F & Mrs Aymaretti/I
pics by Nina Wiesinger & Helge Kornsteiner - danke!
09 May 2015

CACIB Wieselburg/A


back home from the IHA Wieselburg
Team al NoushaFarin had a great day under breed specialist Mrs Benoit from Belgium
Dylara V1 JB
Delayla sg2
Lara in youthclass
BOB Aasuli al NoushaFarin
 (herewith Austrian Champion)
04 May 2015

short holidays in Italy


we attended the springshows at Lake Garda
Ayad exc2 in championclass
Dylara was shown both days and ended up exc1 twice
Viscount had his debut in puppyclass and ended up with very promising both days
Viscount´s showdebut
Ayad in championclass
Lara winning the youthclass twice
furthermore Ayad won the resCACIL as 2nd best male on the LC in Cavriana!

Shiiva showed 2 spectacular runs and ended up 3rd of 13 females

Aahoo was 10th,

unfortunately Ya´Ya lost the lure  - place 12 for her


we enjoyed our daily walks in vineyards of our holiday home

all together
07 March 2015



we had a fabulous day at the IHA Graz today!
Dylara V1 JB
Delayla V2


thx to the judge Mr Münstermann from Germany!

pic Nina N. ©

BOS Hosneja of Falconers Dream & BOB Khalils Ayad al NoushaFarin

Lara´s showdebut
best bitch competition
Lara from youth class, Chaaya won the open class & CACIB
18 Jan 2015

Cacil Coursing Neustift i. Stubai/ A

pic Armin Hauke ©
Back home from a fabolous, wintry snowcoursing where we met lots of friends & family!
Ayad 2nd with resCACIL + CCLA (Ayad fullfills now the conditions for the C.I.P.B title)
Ya'Ya 5th with CCLA
Chadim 7th
Ba'Shirin 12th
Ba'Shiiva 17th
December 2014

1st snow this winter

Finally the first snow arrived, what means that the 4legged had a lot of fun outdoors!
for more pics please
October 2014

puppies in UK

our darling Anasha al NoushaFarin gave birth to
3 boys & 4 girls,
so proud of them!
18 Oct 2014

Tuscany holidays

we had a great time in Tuscany!
 for more pics click here 
01 Oct 2014

happy birthday Dune!

our Dune is celebrating her 10th birthday today!
27 Sept 2014

brandnew International Champion

our swedish prince Khalils Ayad al-NoushaFarin
fullfills the condition for his C.I.B title
at the tender age of 3 years + 10 days
we are very proud of our boy!
15 Sept 2014

puppies expected in GB

our Anasha al NoushaFarin in GB is expecting her litter after Baghdad Karim
07 Sept 2014

Chadim & Chabnaam

Chadim finished his racing licence in Germany...
whilst his sister Chabnaam finished her coursing licence in Slovenia!
Thx to their owners for theirs efforts!
We wish them safe runs and lots of fun in the competition!
23 July 2014

we lost our beloved 
Wenn Hunde in den Himmel kommen
brauchen sie keine Flügel,
denn Gott weiss,
dass Hunde rennen möchten.
So gibt er ihnen Wiesen und Wiesen und Wiesen
und wenn ein Hund dort ankommt,
dann rennt er einfach los
we are missing you deeply and will never forget you
04 July 2014
happy birthday A´s!
happy birthday dear A´s! Thx to all owners for giving them so much love and wonderful lives!




June 2014
IHA Klagenfurt, 15.06.2014
Ayad finished his AT CH winning V1 CACA resCACIB


pic U.Pichler thx!
26 April 2014
D-litter arrived!
We proudly announce the birth of our D -litter!
3/5 were born in the early morning hours - mommy & puppies are fine!

Ya´Ya and her newborn puppies

the boys

the girls
spring 2014
we are expecting our puppies out of Ya´Ya and Aasulii at the end of April





















March 2014
CACIL Varazdin/HR
pic DS production
 Ba´Shiiva won the coursing with CACIL & CACL,
Ayad was best male, ended up 2nd with resCACIL & CACL,
Aahoo was 4th and Aahron 5th.
March 2014
CACIL Dolsko/Slo
pic Blayo San
We spent a sunny day with friends at the International Coursing in
Ayad won the coursing with CACIL & CACL
Ba´Shiiva was best female, ended up 2nd  with resCACIL & resCACL,
Aahoo was 5th and Aahron 7th.
Ya´Ya´s daughter Chabnaam had her training debut & did well!
February 2014
puppies April/May 2014

we are hoping for
smooth & feathered puppies
out of
18 January 2014
CACIB Ljubljana

Ayad won exc1 CAC CACIB and finally BOB!
Thx to the judge Mrs.Hřier from Denmark
03 January 2014
Happy Birthday C´s

.. time flies! Our C´s are already 1 year old!
f.l.t.r: Chaaya, Chaqir, Changiz, Chadim, Chabnaam, Chaliya, Charazade & Chayeh
02 December 2013
R.I.P Chaqir
* 03.01.2013 - † 02.12.2013

Due to a tragic accident on a half-frozen pond we lost Chaqir far too early.
Our thoughts are with his owners.
01 December 2013
our Aahoo...

finished her Slovenian Champion title going BOS under Mrs Tarjan/Hu
(pic M.Hafner - thx)!
29 September 2013
our Lia...

is now an Austrian Veteran Champion!
05 August 2013
Donaueschingen 2013

What a show weekend we had!
Our Aahoo won the prestigious title Donaueschingen Winner 2013!
thx to the judge Mrs Kinney (Issibaas Salukis/USA) & to all who found nice words on the ground
04 July 2013
Happy Birthday

already 4 years old - happy birthday beloved A´s!
17 June 2013
CACIB Bled/ Slovenia

Ayad exc1 CAC CACIB
Ayad & Ali, CACIB competition males
Ba´Shiiva exc2 resCAC
04 May 2013
ÖKWZR Klubsieger Show 2013/ Grafenegg
We spent a great weekend with a lot of friends in Grafenegg attending the clubwinner show of our sighthoundclub!

Changiz had his debut in the babyclass and did so very well!
Ayad - exc3 in intermediate class males
Baris Habib - exc in open class males
Aasulii - exc3 in open class males
Aahron - exc3 in champion class males
Ba´Shiima - exc4 in open class females
Aahoo - exc3 in champion class females
Elayah - exc1 Vet CAC and finally VetBIS2 - so proud of her!
Ba´Shiiva ended up as best female!
BOB Furat ter Dolen & BOS our Ba´Shiiva al NoushaFarin
thx to the judge!
07 March 2013
Congrats Diane & Anasha!

we are so very proud of our Anasha ending up as 1st limit bitch with
 RCC on the prestigous CRUFTS show under judge Mrs. Jeanna Jaques!
so very well done you2!
04 Feb 2013
our C´s are already 4 weeks old!

Chaaya, Chaaqir, Changiz, Chadim, Chabnaam, Charazade, Chaliya and Chayeh
03 Jan 2013
Ya´Ya´s & Bahiim´s Puppies arrived on 03.01.2013
3/5 were born - mommy and puppies are doing fine!
so proud of Ya´Ya - she did such a good job!

13 Oct 2012
LC Pichl/A
We had a great day with some friends attending the coursing in Pichl/A. Our youngsters did some training runs - Shiiva enthusiastic as usual and Ayad had his debut (and loved it!)
Ya´Ya and Aahoo were in the competition - Ya´Ya ended up 5th, Aahoo 9th.
Furthermore Ya´Ya achieved the title FCW Coursing Champion 2012 (females all breeds), proud us :)

04/05 Aug 2012
Donaueschingen 2012
4.8. - Winner DE & National Saluki Speciality, Norm Strathdee/ AUS
youth class males: Ayad sg3/9
intermediate class males: Baris Habib V3/11
youth class females: Ba´Shiiva V/20 - nominated for best movement
open class females: Ya´Ya V/25
ch class: Aahoo V4/16 - nominated for best movement & best head (as single female)
BIS progeny group
(Baijan-Latif al Firdous + offspring from kennel al firdous, hadi el basher, al NoushaFarin)
5.8. - CAC Donaueschingen, Marie Nordin/S
intermediate class males: Baris Habib sg
youth class females: Ba´Shiiva V3
ch class females: Aahoo V

Baris Habib
BIS progeny group!
23 June 2012
We had a great day with friends attending the ÖKWZR Klubsieger Show 2012 in Untersiebenbrunn/A.
youth class males: Ayad V1 JB ÖKWZR Klubjugendsieder 2012
champion class males: Aahron V2 resCACA
intermediate class females: Ba´Shiiva V1 CACA BOS ÖKWZR Klubsiegerin 2012
champion class females: Aahoo V1 CACA
even though he was the youngest (he just turned 9 months 1 week ago), Ayad won the youth class
Aahron finished his Austrian Champion title today
congrats to his owners Andi & Milou!
best bitch & ÖKWZR Klubsiegerin 2012
20 May 2012
World dogshow 2012 & World Clubwinner 2012
WDS (Prof. Friedrich/G)
Aahoo exc (Ch-class)
WCW (Mrs. Lennartz/G)
Ayad very promising, later puppy BIS II
Aasulii exc (open class)
Aahron exc (open class)
Ba´Shiiva exc (youth class)
Aahoo exc2 res CAC (Ch-class)
Ayad´s puppy BIS II
24 April 2012
Ya´Ya won her 3rd LC in a row ending up 1st bitch + CCLA in Spitzerberg today!
our swedish whirlwind
25 March 2012
We spent a great time with friends, sun and lots of fun at the LC in Spitzerberg/ A.
Aahoo ended up 4th out of 13 Salukis & Ba´Shiiva had her debut (which she obviously enjoyed very much).
Ba´Shiiva knew exactly what to do!
Aahoo, our fast beauty
14 Jan 2012
What a splendid start into 2012!
finished her International Champion (C.I.B) in Ljubljana/ Sl!
04 Dec 2011

So very proud of our
At the tender age of 2 years and 5 months
Aahoo fullfills the conditions for the Austrian Champion title.
20 Nov 2011

We proudly present
Khalils Ayad al NoushaFarin
welcome home swedish prince!
23 Oct 2011

CCLA Coursing Pichl bei Wels
So proud of our youngsters!
Ya´Ya had her debut in the official competition and ended up 1st & won the CCLA!
Furthermore our A´s, Aahoo & Chili (aka Aahron) finished their LC licences successfully way to go!
03 Oct 2011

FCI Eurosighthoundshow 2011 in Italy
We proudly arrived back home from the FCI EuroSighthoundshow 2011 in beautiful Padenghe sul Garda.
Elayah was shown for the 1st time after her B-Puppies and ended up 2nd in Championclass
Aahoo won exc2 resCAC in a huge open class
Ba´Shiiva won Puppy BOB and Puppy BIS III!
Thx so much to the Judge Mrs Lennartz
Furthermore we had a funny reunion with our italian B´s Shaayan & Shaadi!
25 Sept 2011

the al NoushaFarin gang spent a show-weekend in Tulln/A
Aahoo won the open class + ended up res CACIB under judge Mrs. Hedberg from Sweden - thx!
18 Sept 2011

Well done Aahron!
Aahron al NoushaFarin aka Chili had his first licence runs in Hungary and did well!
congrats to Andi & Milou
Aahron & Simhearth Sultan
04 Sept 2011

So proud of our girls!
Ya´Ya finshed her LC licence today in Dolsko/ Slovenia & Aahoo had her 1st licence runs.
Fayyadah Djaal Lhilal & Ya´Ya (pic L.Hafner - thx!)
06./ 07.  Aug 2011

We spent a great time with our friends attending Donaueschingen´s Sighthound-Show.
Aahoo ended up excellent/ not placed in a big open class.
Aahoo on the move
our A´s daddy Baijan-Latif al Firdous
16./ 17.  July 2011

What a weekend - so proud of our A´s!
16.7. CACIB Oberwart/ A - Aahoo BOS, Aahron exc1 CACA!
Thx to the judge Mr. Knauber/ G
winning the CACIB on both days Aahoo received the title SAVARIA WINNER 2011
4 July 2011

Happy birthday dear A´s!
25 June 2011

Happy 4 months birthday to our B´s!
Ba´Shaadi, Baris Habib, Ba´Shaahin, Ba´Shiima, Ba´Shayan, Ba´Shirin, Ba´Shiiva (f.l.t.r)
27 Feb 2011

... and action!
Our youngsters Ya´Ya & Aahoo had theirs LC debut for this year! They did well on the field - so proud of them!
  cuddling Ya´Ya & Laura (Keheilan Laura Baggins)                               Aahoo & Laura
                                                                            Ya´Ya in action
                             Aahoo                                                     Ya´Ya & Cassi (Cassiopeia Tall Afar)
THX to Gabi for the pics!
25 Feb 2011

our B - Litter arrived today!
proud Mommy Elayah & her puppies
February 2011

... the countdown has started again!
We are happily looking forward to our B-litter due around 22nd of February
for more information please scroll down and check the *litters*-site
06 Feb 2011

so proud of our Aahoo - she´s Austrians most winning youth sighthound 2010 and therefore ÖKWZR Junior Champion 2010
Aahoo 19 months old
17 Jan 2010


Ghibli + Lia
We are awaiting puppies at the end of February (kw 8)!
Serious inquiries are welcome!
MCh Kan Ya Ma Kan Gale  &  Ch Yalameh Elayah
We are very excited about this wonderful combination and hope for puppies in Spring 2011

MCh Kan Ya Ma Kan Gale

Ch Aziim Alfora Noble Kanyamakan

Ch Noble Singular Sensation

Ch Alfora Casimir Zeyn Sahib

Ch Baghdad Let´s Dance

MCh Baghdad Creme de la Creme

Ch Baghdad Whipped Creme

Ch Yalameh Elayah

MCh Khayif U`Perashan Shendi

S N Fin ChRahima`s Behrouz el hor

MCh Khayif Inakija Kiku

MCh Yalameh Alayah

MCh Gejran Dorr-e-Dorran
MCh Khayif Esallah Salu
Once more thanks to Ghibli´s Breeder Roberto Forsoni (kennel Kan Ya Ma Kan/ Italy)
owners Fam. Panizza/I for giving us this opportunity!
04 Dec 2010
Today we attended the CACIB Show in Wels/ A & ended up with nice results!
Aahron al NoushaFarin (intermediate class) exc2 resCACA
Aasulii al NoushaFarin (open class) exc1 CACA
Aahoo al NoushaFarin (intermediate class) exc1 CACA CACIB BOS
Thx to the judge Mrs. Neswadba/ A!

16. Oct 2010

Aahron finished his Hungarian Youth-Champion title today by winning
exc1, HPJ + finally BOB
at the CACIB in Komárom/ Hu - thx to the judge Dr. György/ Hu.
well done Andi & Milo, congrats!

26. Sept 2010

What a mudbath - at least our girls had fun!
Check our Gallery´s *brandnew* for more pics!
Our crazy kitten Farin has now as well his own gallery .

15. Aug 2010

What a great weekend we had in Grafenegg/ A at the
FCI EuroSighthoundshow 2010 & the ÖKWZR Klubsschau 2010
Aahoo: ÖKWZR Jugendklubsiegerin 2010 + Jugend Klubsieger BIS II
Ya´Ya: ÖKWZR Klubsiegerin 2010 + Klubsieger BIS I
Ya´Ya winning Klubsieger 2010 BIS I
Aahoo finished furthermore her Austrian Youth Championtitle.
Also Aasulii, Aahron + our A´s parents Baijan + Elayah ended up with great results!
family pic with daddy Baijan

Jugend Klubsieger 2010 Aahoo al NoushaFarin + Zabarre Showhunters Zahir

 for more pics click here 


09 Aug 2010

... back home again from our Show-weekend in Donaueschingen!
We are so proud of our A-Youngsters Aasulii & Aahoo winning both the
Donaueschingen Jugend Winner 2010 title!
Also Ya´Ya and Elayah (for the first time after her puppies last year) showed themselves so well and ended up with nice results!

 for more pics click here 

4 July 2010
Happy first Birthday beloved A`s!
We are so happy about having found so wonderful homes for our A´s!
Thx once more to theirs owners for taking so good care of our babies!
May you all have many, many ...  years of joy & fun together!
12 June 2010
.... back home from the show in Klagenfurt/ A
Aahoo (Youth Cass): exc1 Youthbest
Ya´Ya (Intermediate Class): exc1 CACA CACIB
Aasulii (Youth Class) exc1 Youthbest + finally BOB
Thx to the Judge Mrs. Kuratko/ A
... proud Mommy Elayah
well done youngsters!
Aasulii winning BOB at his first show
Aahoo kissing the judge
06 June 2010
.... again on the LC field
thx to Gabi & Nina for the pics!
12 May 2010
... finally back home again
We had a great time in Italy, France, Germany & Slovenia!
results Raduno di Primavera in Padenghe/ Italy
Aahoo exc1 Youth Bob Youth BIS II
Ya´Ya exc 4
results CAC Mammendorf/ Germany
Aahoo exc2 resJDH resJCAC
Thx to the judges Mr. Grunheid/ F + Mrs. Szanka/ HU

10 Apr 2010


Aahoo, Aven & Ya´Ya attended today the international dogshow in Wieselburg!
Aven exc2 res JB
Aahoo V1 JB BOB & finally Junior BOG III
Thx to the judge Mrs. Neswadba/ A
pic Gabi M./ Thx!

28 Mar 2010

LC Debut

Ya´Ya & our youngsters Aahoo & Aahron had their LC debut and just loved it!
Elayah & Dune
more pics can be found in our Galleries/ LC II

06 Mar 2010

SHOW IHA Graz 2010
Ya´Ya exc1 CACA in intermediate class
Anasha´s debut in puppy class - very promising
THX to the judge Mr. Blümel/ A

06 Feb 2010

youngster Dikan al Djiibaajah on a visit
Ya´ Ya and her new admirer Dikan
 THX to Lucia for the great snapshots - for more pics click here 

10 Jan 2010

The al NoushaFarin Pack spent a great time at Showhunters´ place :-) Thx once more!
 for more pics click here 

07 Jan 2010

... Puppies having fun in the snow!
 for more pics click here 

30 Dec 2009

2009 - what an exciting year..
We wish all our friends a Happy New Year & all the best for 2010!

23 Dec 2009

Thx dear friends for all those nice greeting-cards!


19 Dec 2009

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to all our friends!

05 Dec 2009
Today our  Ya´Ya finished her Austrian Youth Champion title!
Thx to the judge Mrs. Soltesz/A.
14 Oct 2009
Our Ya´Ya is having her 1st birthday today and i can exactly remember how excited i´ve been awaiting her birth. Ya´Ya enriches our life and surprises us day by day with her beautiful temper.
Once more a huge *TACK* to Ya´Ya´s breeder Bettan & Bosse in Sweden for our wonderful girl!
03 Oct 2009
We attended today the Bundessieger Show in Tulln/ A.
Ya´Ya ended up with exc1 Youthbest and received therefore the title
*Bundesjugendsieger 2009*.
Thx to the judge Mr.Vanto/Ro
21 Sept 2009
... new pics added
 in the picassa album..
23 Aug 2009
We attended today the ÖKV Centennial Winner Show in Wels/ A.
Ya´Ya won the youth class (5/6), ended up with exc1 Youthbest and received therefore the title
*ÖKV Centennial Junior Winner*. Thx to the judge Mr. Jipping/NL
So proud on our beauty!
23 Aug 2009
... whilst Ya´Ya & me was *working* 
more pics could be found in the picasa album..
09 Aug 2009
... Nici visited us again, thx for the beautiful pics :-)
the pics could be found on
8 Aug 2009
Back from the FCI Eurosighthound Show in Slovakia. Our Ya´Ya attended her first show entered in youth class, showed herself very nicely and ended up with an excellent.
So proud on our crazy girl!
2 Aug 2009
... today Nici, Cayenne & Darif visited us :-)
Thx Nici for the beautiful pics that could be found on
1 Aug 2009
We had our 4 weeks birthday and spent our first afternoon
Please visit our Gallery & check the brandnew pics!
31 July
Our puppies are nearly 4 weeks old and we enjoy the Puppymania!
Amin, Amar, Aahoo, Ashira, Aven, Aarezoo, Anasha, Aasulii, Aahron
Aahoo, Ashira, Anasha, Aasulii
4 July 2009
We are so happy!
Our Puppies arrived today morning!
Please visit our litterpage!
27 June 2009
Puppies expected next week
...  day 57
It´s getting exciting!
Please scroll down for more information
May 2009
Ch Baijan-Latif al Firdous  &  Ch Yalameh Elayah
We are very excited about this wonderful combination and hope for
smooth & feathered puppies in July!
Serious inquiries are welcome!

Ch Baijan Latif al Firdous

Ch Arab Bahari´s Shaahin Tali

GB Ch Al Caliphs Madaan

Int Ch Arab Bahari´s Lala Latifa

MCh Usayma Ghada al Firdous

MCh Raquim Chalid al Firdous

Ch Khalils Galiya

Ch Yalameh Elayah

MCh Khayif U`Perashan Shendi

S N Fin ChRahima`s Behrouz el hor

MCh Khayif Inakija Kiku

MCh Yalameh Alayah

MCh Gejran Dorr-e-Dorran
MCh Khayif Esallah Salu
(more detailed pedigree on pawpeds)
More pics of Baijan in our Gallery!
Once more thanks to Baijan´s Breeder & Owner Shera Chuat
for giving us this opportunity!
17 May 2009
We attended the Austrian Sighthoundfestival in Aigen & spent a great day with friends in the beautiful area of Schloss Aigen.
Ya´Ya was shown in Puppy class & received again a very promising - Thx to the judge Mr. Barjot/F.
more Show - pics from my better half could be found on
1 May 2009
We spent a great time at Lake Garda´s Show-weekend in Italy.
Elayah was shown on Friday and went BOS & our Ya´Ya had a splendid debut into her show-career ending up both days with a very promising 1 and beautiful critiques.
Thanks to the judges Mrs. Durando-Fassio/I & Mrs. Schwerm-Hahne/G!
4 Apr 2009
We enjoyed our first outdoor-show this year in beautiful Schwarzenfeld/ Germany.
Elayah went best bitch and ended up as BOB.
Thanks to the judge Mrs. Lennartz/ Germany.
pics Nina, Thx!
19 Feb 2009
We are very proud of our princess Elayah - she was Austria´s most winning saluki in 2008
received therefore the title
Austrian Show Winner 2008.
Ch Yalameh Elayah

18 Jan 2009
2009 couldn´t start better!

We attended the show-weekend in Ljubljana/Slo and Elayah ended up 2xBOS! thank´s to the judges!
15 Dez 2008
We sorrow after Elayah´s littersister Yalameh Ellah bint Sallah, who didn´t recover from a car accident.
Our sincerest condolences to her owners Fam. Smits/G.
12 Dez 2008
Another new title for our Elayah: she is now ÖKWZR Austellungschampion 2008.
She made the most points through her show year and is therefore Austria´s top female sighthound.
We are very proud of our princess!
9 Dez 2008
We proudly present our new familymember, swedish import Khalils Ya´Ya al NoushaFarin!
Thank´s once more to the breeders Elizabette & Bo for leaving us this wonderful girl.
Ya´Ya has now her own sites & album.
06 Dez 2008
Today we attended the ÖKV Superchampion-contest, where all dogs took part that have finished their Austrian Championtitle in 2008.
Elayah went best sighthound in the preliminary decision.
In the final competition the best dogs out of each FCI-group were introduced to an international judging committee, who awarded the several dogs by giving them points from 1-10.
Elayah as best bitch and final winner with the most points of all & the beagle as best male :-)
ÖKV Superchampion 2008
We enjoyed this funny & exciting competition, thank´s to the judging committee.
21 Nov 2008
Elayah and Dune love their new huge garden & we bipeds are happy to announce that our moving to Steyria is nearly finished now.
Please note our new adress, that can be found under contact.
Home, sweet home...
4 Oct 2008
Today we attended the last show before our winterbreak in Sachsenheim/ Germany.
Elayah was entered in the open class, ended up as best bitch with V1 VDH CAC and won finally the BOB.
Thank´s to the judge Mrs. de Haney/G!
-> photos can be seen under *galleries* & *show III*!
BOB Ch Yalameh Elayah & BOS MCh Khayif U´Pershan Shendi
28 Sep 2008
We spent another great show weekend in Tulln/A.
On Saturday´s *Bundessieger* - CACIB, Elayah went BOB (CRUFTS Qualification 2009), gained the title *Bundessiegerin 2008* and was finally placed BOG 1 .
On Sunday´s Sighthound speciality Elayah ended up as BOS and is therefore now *ÖKWZR-Trophy Winner 2008*.
Thank´s to the judges Mrs.Ahrens/I, Mrs.Kirschbichler/A & Mr.Harsány/HU.
BOS Bundessieger 2008 Yalameh Eshendi & BOB BOG I Bundessiegerin Yalameh Elayah
pic Nicole Faschingseder, Thank you!  
24 Aug 2008
We spent a nice show-weekend among lots of friends here in Innsbruck.
On Saturday Elayah finished her Austrian Championtitle winning the Champions-class.
On the CACIB show on Sunday Elayah went BOB and ended up as BOG2.
Thank´s to the judges Mrs.Neswadba/A, Mrs.Schwerm-Hahne/G & Mr.Rotner/SLO.